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30 November 2016

Pioneer project upgraded to Passive House Plus

Photo: Passive House Institute The world’s first Passive House building has increased its already high energy efficiency level and now relies on renewable energy. About a year ago, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of a row house built in 1991 in Darmstadt. Since then, this pioneering Passive House project has been producing its own electricity, thus fulfilling the criteria of a Passive House Plus building. The official certificate was recently issued in Darmstadt.
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27 July 2016

Step-by-step towards EnerPHit

Photo: Passive House Institute Many home and building owners carry out renovations in a step-by-step manner. To avoid unnecessary additional costs, all planned measures for energy retrofits should be coordinated with each other before the first step is implemented. For this advanced planning, the EnerPHit Retrofit Plan has recently been developed by the Passive House Institute.
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11 July 2016

Operation Passive House Clinic

Photo: Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst Rubber boots and spades stood ready for a special premiere: Work has started on the world's first Passive House hospital in the Höchst district of Frankfurt. The previous clinic will be replaced by a new Passive House building with ten operating theatres and 666 beds planned over six floors. The Passive House Institute provided comprehensive support in the planning phase and will continue to do so during the building’s construction.

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29 June 2016

From kindergartens to retirement homes

Photo: H. Dimko The Passive House Institute is looking forward to Vienna where the 21st International Passive House Conference will be taking place next year. The date and venue for the Conference have now been confirmed: experts in energy efficient construction will convene at the Messe Wien Congress Centre on the 28th and 29th April 2017. The theme for the 21st Conference will be "Passive House for everyone". The Call for Papers has begun.

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14 June 2016

Vienna welcomes Passive House experts

Photo: WienTourismus/Christian Stemper It's been decided: next year’s 21st International Passive House Conference will take place in Vienna. The news was announced today by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. "We are very much looking forward to Vienna. Not only the beautiful city, but of course Vienna’s commitment to Passive House," explains Director Dr. Wolfgang Feist. The International Passive House Conference is the meeting place for experts from around the world on energy efficient construction.

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13 June 2016

Passive House Institute joins NAPHN in New York for annual conference

NAPHN Conference New York has become a hotspot for Passive House. And the city now wants to make their buildings among the most efficient in the country. This is the backdrop against which the North American Passive House Network is hosting their conference on decarbonizing the built environment. The Passive House Institute and the International Passive House Association (iPHA) join the conference in New York City as partners.  

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23 April 2016

Sustainable solutions for new builds and retrofits

Passive House Conference back in Darmstadt for anniversary of building standard

Passive House Conference Darmstadt. A tried and tested solution is already available for buildings of the future: the Passive House Standard combines maximum efficiency with optimal comfort. How this works, is demonstrated by experts from all over the world on 22 and 23 April during the International Passive House Conference in Darmstadt. This event also marks an anniversary: 25 years ago, the world's first Passive House building was built just a few kilometres away from the congress centre – and a new study, presented at the Conference, proves the sustainability of the concept.

Press Release | 2016 Conference in Review


19 April 2016

New database provides overview of Passive House components

Convenient search for certified products / Details at conference in Darmstadt

Passive House Component Database Darmstadt. Whether just browsing or to find a specific product – a new online database provides a detailed overview of components for Passive House construction. All
of the products, which have been independently tested and certified with reference to their energy-relevant qualities, are listed together with relevant technical information; triple-glazed windows and ventilation systems with heat recovery as well as insulation systems and balcony connections, to name a few. Details about the new database and possibilities of its use in practice will be presented at the International Passive House Conference 2016 in Darmstadt. Press Release


12 April 2016

Passive House Conference: solutions for buildings of the future

World’s first experimental project still saving energy reliably after 25 years

Passive House in Darmstadt Darmstadt. The "birthplace" of the Passive House is celebrating: the world's first building of this kind was built in Darmstadt 25 years ago – and a recent follow-up study has proved its sustainability. Well over 90 percent of the energy for heating is still being saved even after a quarter of a century. The International Passive House Conference 2016 will therefore not only look back at the beginnings, but also set sight to the future. Experts will present projects, solutions and approaches which make the building sector sustainable and therefore fit for the future. Press Release


23 March 2016

Passive House Institute launches e-learning program

New online modules form an ideal basis for experts' workshops and seminars

Passive House E-Learning Darmstadt. With a tablet at home or with a smartphone during the daily commute – a new e-learning program is making basic Passive House training more comfortable than ever before. The video-based modules, now available online, are equally suitable as an introduction for laypersons and as preparatory material for courses aimed at certification as a Passive House Designer or Consultant. Press Release


17 March 2016

Component Award for exemplary ventilation concepts

Winners to be presented at International Passive House Conference

Component Award 2016 Darmstadt. The winners of the Component Award 2016 for ventilation solutions in residential buildings have been selected. The first prize goes to a concept by the Austrian manufacturer Pichler. A joint second prize will be granted to the Dutch company Vaventis and the Italian firm Michael Tribus Architecture. The approaches for building retrofits selected by a jury are not only characterised by a high level of energy efficiency, but also by their economic viability. The presentation of the Award will take place at the International Passive House Conference in Darmstadt. Press Release


24 February 2016

Pioneers of "energy revolution" at Passive House Conference

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Franz Alt will discuss potentials of building sector

Franz Alt and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker Darmstadt. Eminent guests are expected at this year’s Passive House anniversary celebration: two of the masterminds of the German “energy revolution” will come to Darmstadt on 22 and 23 April. At the 20th International Passive House Conference, Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Dr. Franz Alt will lecture on the economic advantages of energy efficiency and climate protection. A subsequent panel discussion with Dr. Wolfgang Feist, who built the world's first Passive House 25 years ago, will focus on ways towards a sustainable energy supply for everyone. Press Release


11 February 2016

First Passive House projects in Greece and Turkey now certified

Building standard provides maximum efficiency also in the Mediterranean climate

Passive House in Greece Darmstadt. With intelligent architecture, considerable energy savings are possible in every climate. The latest examples of this now stand in Greece and Turkey. A complex of terraced houses and an environmental education centre are the first buildings to fulfil the criteria of the Passive House Standard in these two Mediterranean countries. The specific challenges for energy efficient construction in regions with a warm climate will be presented based on these and other projects at the International Passive House Conference 2016. Press Release


21 January 2016

New Passive House office building in Frankfurt now certified

Visits to take place around the International Passive House Conference 2016

New Passive House building in Frankfurt Frankfurt. Curved façades, but a straightforward energy concept: a new office building in Frankfurt, Germany, clearly shows the potential of sustainable building design, with an architectural style that is not only elegant but also intelligent. The result is a 90 percent reduced heating demand and perceptibly increased comfort due to high indoor air quality. The building thus meets with the criteria for the Passive House Standard. Details of the energy efficient solutions for the building services and building envelope will be discussed in April during excursions as part of the International Passive House Conference 2016. Press Release


6 January 2016

Passive House Conference back in Darmstadt for its anniversary

Programme of international event in April available online – registration now open

The first Passive House Darmstadt. The Passive House is now 25 years old; to celebrate this, the International Passive House Conference is returning to Darmstadt – the city in Germany, in which this success story began. On 22 and 23 April 2016, over a hundred speakers from all over the world will report on the latest projects relating to highly energy efficient construction and retrofits. But the anniversary will also serve as an occasion for a review, with the presentation of results relating to the durability of the individual building components of the first Passive House. The complete Conference programme is now available online. In addition, registration is now possible at www.passivehouseconference.org. Press Release: English / Español



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