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Press Release: 20 Dec 2010

Passive House abstracts from around the world

More than 200 abstracts from nearly 30 countries were submitted for review for the 2011 Passive House Conference


The organisers of the 15th International Passive House Conference counted 219 abstracts for presentations that were submitted to the Innsbruck office of the Passivhaus Institut. Topping the list of submissions were abstracts from Germany (85), Austria (38) and Italy (17). This was followed by submissions from Great Britain (11), the USA (11), Switzerland (8), Korea (7) and Sweden (6). Press release


News: 5 Nov 2010

7th International Passive House Days

Over 750 Passive Houses worldwide open their doors during the International Passive House Days


While the Passive House is celebrating its premiere in some parts of the world, it has been long established in others. To prove how comfortable life in a Passive House is, both experienced and new Passive House residents around the world will be opening their homes to the public from 12 – 14 November 2010. Press release


News: 27 Oct 2010

Wolfgang Feist's US Passive House Tour

Wolfgang Feist answers Americans' questions about the Passive House Standard


Dr. Wolfgang Feist began his tour of the United States on 23 Oct 2010 in Boston, continuing on to New York, New Orleans, Berkeley and finally Portland for the 5th North American Passive House Conference. His travels will help to spread the word about the Passive House Standard on US soil. Read more about his appearance at the Boston Architectural College.


News: 11 Oct 2010

New Passive House book

Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach by Mary James


From steamy Louisiana to snowy Wisconsin, and from Brooklyn brownstones to western Marin County bungalows, Passive Houses are being created in a wide range of climate and building types across the United States. Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach with foreword by Jonah Stanford showcases 10 recently constructed Passive House projects across the country. With its mix of new construction and retrofit projects in a variety of climate types, Recreating the American Home provides concrete examples of elegant, energy-efficient housing solutions for architects, builders, and homeowners everywhere.  Read more


News: 6 Oct 2010

Sustainable Real Estate Investments: The Prime Property Award 2010

Three Passive House buildings are recognised for their contribution to sustainability

A growing number of new buildings, refurbishments and development schemes throughout Europe now incorporate sustainability as a main theme. Minimised environmental impacts along with heightened comfort and user productivity are now sought after features of any building and property investors are taking note. The Prime Property Award recognises "investors who have implemented European real estate projects that combine commercial success with ecological and sociocultural sustainability in exemplary fashion." Among the 14 winners are 3 Passive House projects, highlighting the Passive House Standard's importance in terms of both sustainability and comfort. Report [PDF - 3.5 MB]


Press Release: 23 Sep 2010

2011 International Passive House Conference

Deadline for submission of papers 15 November 2010

Darmstadt, 23 September 2010 – The organisers of the 2011 International Passive House
Conference invite all interested parties to submit their contributions to the Passive House
Institute before 15 November 2010. In preparation of the Conference, taking place in May
2011, abstracts are currently being reviewed by the advisory board of the Conference.

For the first time, the Passive House Conference will take place in the heart of the mountains. Press release


Press Release: 12 August 2010

Lodenareal Passive House Estate

Largest Passive House housing estate in Innsbruck exceeds expectations

Darmstadt,12 August 2010. The “Lodenareal” by the Neuen Heimat Tirol Association in Innsbruck has a total of 354 apartments, making it the largest Passive House development in the world. The objective of this project was to create rental apartments with extremely low heating costs and a very high level of comfort. The initial results of a research project regarding the energy consumption, living comfort and user satisfaction in this innovative building are now available: the heating costs for an 80 m2 apartment are just about €6 per month.  Press release


Press Release: 8 August 2010

The German State of Hesse- A leader in sustainable building

When the Passive House Standard becomes THE Standard


Wiesbaden. In its effort to go carbon neutral, the German State of Hesse has updated the energy efficiency standards for every new building it constructs. The new standards, effective immediately, require all buildings constructed by the State to be "nearly zero energy buildings". In so doing, the State of Hesse has taken a giant leap towards heightened sustainability, having specified a standard that, in terms of energy efficiency, is in line with the Passive House Standard. Ministry press release (in German)


Press Release: 26 July 2010

Sustainable Building Design Test

How fit are you?


Krems (kpr). Professionals of the building industry can check their knowledge in sustainable building design quickly and easily now. Regarding the new EU-directive experts of the Department for Building and Environment designed an online test that contains the current requirements and standards in terms of sustainability of buildings. The free and anonymous sustainability check ought to make an assessment of their professional knowledge for the users possible. Press release


Press Release: 10 June 2010

The Passive House in all dimensions

Conference report from Dresden


Passive Houses are gaining more recognition at the international level than ever before and the standard’s popularity was confirmed by the more than one thousand participants who attended the 14th International Passive House Conference in Dresden last month. The internationally renowned Conference took place in the new Federal States of Germany for the first time and was hosted by the Free State of Saxony.  Press release


News: 29 May 2010

Passive House Architecture Prize 2010

First Architecture Award for certified Passive Houses worldwide: Awarding the cream of the crop


On 29 May 2010, 10:30, at the 14th International Passive House Conference, 4 prizes and 4 recognitions were awarded to outstanding examples of Passive House architecture. The winning projects were presented to the public at the Passive House exhibition held at the Dresden Congress Center. Read more

Overview of the Architecture Award winners


Press release: 28 May 2010

14th International Passive House Conference 2010

Sustainable growth is possible everywhere in the world


The latest developments relating to energy-efficient construction will be presented during the 14th International Passive House Conference at the Congress Center in Dresden taking place today and tomorrow. The key focus will mainly be on the following topics: "Energy efficiency and preservation of historical buildings", "Sustainability and cost-effectiveness of non-residential buildings", "Refurbishment" and "Comfort and health". Press release


Press Release: 28 May 2010


New Passive House Institute certificate for the modernisation of old buildings


The Passive House Institute will present its new certificate at the 14th International Passive House Conference: the "EnerPHit Quality-Approved Modernisation with Passive House Components" stands for quality assurance and serves as a proof of the specific values achieved for buildings that have been refurbished using Passive House components. Press release


Press Release: 4 May 2010

Visible Quality for Passive Houses

The Certified Passive House Plate


Quality that speaks for itself – from now on, owners of certified buildings can display the Passive House plate, designed by the Passive House Institute, on their properties. The quality assurance carried out for the certification of Passive Houses can thus be represented. Press release


News: April 2010

Passive House Architecture Prize 2010

The German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development is giving out two special awards.


In addition to the patronage of the Architecture Prize the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development is giving out two special awards in the non-residential building and multi-storey apartment building categories. Sixty architects took up the call to showcase a certified Passive House in the 2010 Passive House Architecture Prize, for which the Passive House Institute received contributions from Japan, China, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Austria and Germany. State Secretary Rainer Bomba will hand out the awards during his welcome speech at the 14th International Passive House Conference, 28 – 29 May 2010, Dresden, Germany.

More information


Press Release: 8 March 2010

International Passive House Conference

Release of the Conference progamme


How can one refurbish listed buildings in an energy-efficient way? Why is the air quality in a Passive House school better than that in a conventional school building? Scientists from all over the world will deal with these and many other questions during the 14th International Passive House Conference, 28 - 29 May, 2010 in Dresden, Germany, where the latest developments in energy efficient construction will be presented in 16 bilingual Working Groups. Press release


Press Release: 26 February 2010

Exciting Passive House Certifications

The Olympic House in Whistler/Canada and the first Passive House in Japan receive the Passive House Institute Certificate


In time for the Winter Games, the first Canadian Passive House has been awarded the Passive House Institute Certificate. Meanwhile, more than eleven thousand kilometres away from Whistler, the architect Miwa Mori and her clients, the Hasumi Family, are very pleased with the first Passive House in Japan. Both buildings were awarded the Passive House Institute Certificate, guaranteeing that the high demands for conception, planning and implementation were met. Press release


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