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Press Release: 20 December 2012

Gingerbread Passive House gives a taste of Passive House Conference

Conference Programme presented at Frankfurt's Christmas Market


Darmstadt, 20 December 2012. Darmstadt, 20 Dec 2012. On Wednesday, the programme for the 2013 International Passive House Conference was introduced with a gingerbread Passive House in a special event that had the Frankfurt Christmas Market as its backdrop. From 17 to 21 April, experts from around the world will convene in Frankfurt to discuss the latest trends in energy-efficient construction. Frankfurt's Environmental Officer Rosemarie Heilig and Passive House pioneer Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist provided a taste of this upcoming event with an edible Passive House, made especially for the event, which illustrated first-hand how simple the concept is. Press release


Press Release: 4 December 2012

Opportunities for Passive House windows abound in North America

Passive House Institute Window Certification seminar met with excitement
amongst key industry players


Darmstadt, 4 December 2012. Over the last several years, Passive House has taken off in North America. Unfortunately, the growing demand for high performance, Certified Passive House Windows is not currently being met by North American window manufacturers. This is about to change with the unveiling of a new plan for a Passive House Institute simulator accreditation scheme aiming to stimulate manufacturing and the subsequent Certification of Passive House quality windows. Press release




Commentary: 19 November 2012

Wolfgang Feist comments on the jury session

Outstanding contributions submitted for the upcoming International Passive House Conference

Innsbruck, 19 November 2012. Advisory board sessions for the Passive House conference are taxing - not that the experts that come together here are difficult to deal with, on the contrary, working with the board of advisors is very constructive and productive. The problem simply is that there are about 200 submissions, and most of these papers really are excellent; they describe the experiences that have been gained with projects that have actually been realised, yet only 76 of those abstracts can be presented at the Conference, of which perhaps only 25 to 35 poster presentations will be accepted. Which contributions should be accepted and which of them will be given a chance next year?

Read the full commentary by Wolfgang Feist




Press Release: 19 November 2012

Heated debate regarding abstracts for the 17th International Passive House Conference

Scientific Advisory Board in Darmstadt decides programme of lectures


Darmstadt, 19 November 2012. The conference programme for the International Passive House Conference in 2013 is beginning to take shape: during a non-stop session of the scientific advisory board on Friday, a selection of the best abstracts was made from the 200 outstanding submissions. During the lively discussions, the latest studies and projects were reviewed in detail by the experts who had been invited to Darmstadt for this purpose. Since almost all contributions demonstrated significant trends and ground-breaking innovations, it was often very hard to make a decision. Press release

Photo: Passive House Institute


Press Release: 14 November 2012

Refurbished former post office building in Bozen receives Passive House Certificate

South Tyrolean administrative building demonstrates new approaches for sustainable construction


Darmstadt/Innsbruck, 14 November 2012 – The Passive House Certificate awarded today (Wednesday) for the public administration building number 11 in Bozen represents a significant milestone for energy efficient construction in Italy. The pioneer character of this project in the field of high performance refurbishment has been acknowledged with this internationally recognised distinction from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. A plain old 1950s building near the Main Station of the South Tyrolean capital has been transformed into a real eye-catcher while offering impressive energy savings despite a limited budget.  Press release


Photo: Michael Tribus Architecture



News: 13 November 2012

iPHA membership reaches 1500


13 November 2012 – Two and a half years after its creation, iPHA proudly welcomes its 1500th member. iPHA membership has grown rapidly since its foundation by the Passive House Institute in May 2010, with members coming from 43 different countries and over 90% coming in through iPHA’s 12 national and regional Affiliates. iPHA would like to thank all its members for being part of this truly global network and contributing to the advancement of the Passive House Standard worldwide.


Press Release: 12 November 2012

Outstanding submissions for the International Passive House Conference in 2013

200 contributions from 36 countries submitted for the 17th International Conference in Frankfurt


Darmstadt, 12 November 2012. Interest in Passive House is increasing worldwide: a total of 200 contributions have been submitted for the upcoming International Passive House Conference, to be held in Frankfurt (Main), Germany from 17 – 21 April 2013. The event will cover a wide range of topics: from energy refurbishment of listed buildings to regional concepts and the supplementary use of renewable energy sources. Press release

Photo: Congress Center Frankfurt 2012





Press Release: 2 November 2012

Maximum comfort through active environmental protection

The International Passive House Days provide insight into energy efficient homes

Darmstadt, 2 November 2012 – Darmstadt, 2 November 2012 – This is what active environmental protection looks like today: the warmth of timber as well as the elegance steel and exposed concrete not only draw attention for their aesthetics, but contribute to the creation of a tangible, inhabitable energy revolution for all through Passive House. During the International Passive House Days from 9 -11 November 2012, residents of Passive House buildings around the world will open their doors (and their windows) to demonstrate their advantages to potential property owners and developers. Step into comfortable living of the future, already a reality today! Press release


Press Release: 16 October 2012

Residents and users of sustainable buildings open their doors

The Passive House Days, 9-11 November 2012

Darmstadt, October 2012 – Affordable, comfortable, environmentally friendly - Passive House embodies the best in sustainable building. The Passive House Days, taking place internationally from 9-11 November, provides the perfect opportunity for anyone wishing to see this first-hand. For this event, hundreds will open exemplary buildings constructed to this intelligent building standard to the general public. Those with experience in such buildings can pass their expertise on to interested visitors taking advantage of the event to actually experience Passive House first-hand. Read press release




Press Release: 23 May 2012

Another milestone on the road to a sustainable future

Review of the 16th International Passive House Conference








23 May 2012, Darmstadt/Hanover, Germany: The 2012 International Passive House Conference was a great success with 1,000 visitors from more different nations and more international presentations than ever before in its 16 year history. “Yet, it is not about quantity – what really matters are the contents,” said Wolfgang Feist, thanking the speakers from across the globe for their outstanding contributions.

Read press release:

Short version

Full version


Press Release: 16 May 2012

PassREg: Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies

Passive House Institute introduces new EU funded project


16 May 2012/Darmstadt, Germany: Making frontrunners visible – supporting potential frontrunners. This is the motto of the PassREg project, funded within the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Europe programme and headed by the Passive House Institute. As reflected in its name, the project supports the growth of Passive House Regions in which “energy efficiency first” through Passive House is promoted, enabling remaining energy needs to be feasibly covered with on-site or nearby Renewable Energy sources. To do this, the project looks to regions such as Hanover, Brussels and Tyrol – front runner regions already actively and successfully supporting this approach. By investigating what makes the varied models these regions employ so successful as well as by making their successes more visible, the project aims to help other aspiring regions to become front runners themselves – taking, adapting and implementing best practice examples as well as the lessons learned throughout the project to facilitate the implementation of the EU’s 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on the basis of Passive House with renewable energy sources. Read press release


Press Release: 09 May 2012

Master plan for the European Energy Revolution put forth

The 16th International Passive House Conference

Hanover / Darmstadt, Germany; 9 May 2012 – On 4 and 5 May 2012, the world’s most significant conference on energy efficient construction brought over 1000 experts from 45 countries to Hanover, Germany 2012 to distil concrete solutions for an EU wide energy revolution based on energy efficiency from the vast pool of Passive House experience. Some 40,000 Passive House buildings totalling circa 20 million square metres in area currently offer their users the highest levels of comfort while saving them roughly 240 million euros (approx 320 million dollars) annually in energy costs; these numbers are rising sharply. Read press release*


*This is a correction of the original press release, published on 9 May 2012, which quoted “5 million” instead of the correct “5 billion” square metres of living space.


Press Release: 26 April 2012

Passive House is built on quality

Worldwide certification criteria for windows and glazings to be presented at the 16th International Passive House Conference


Darmstadt/Hanover, 26 April 2012 – Passive Houses not only allow for major energy savings and superior levels of comfort, they also offer excellent design and building quality. Using high quality components is essential and helps prevent structural damage while increasing a building’s market value. In order to help clients and designers chose suitable components for their Passive House buildings, the Passive House Institute (PHI) issues certifications for Certified Passive House Components. At the 16th International Passive House Conference, to be held in Hanover, Germany from 2 – 6 May 2012, the Institute will present its new certification criteria for windows and glazings, adapted to all climates worldwide. Read press release


Press Release: 12 April 2012

Energy efficient buildings in demand worldwide

Solutions for both new builds and retrofits on display at the 16th International Passive House Conference – the largest and most significant international conference on energy efficient construction.





Energy standards worldwide are increasingly being aligned with the Passive House Standard - For all these new efficiency standards, Passive House forms the basis for proven and cost-effective building and retrofitting. As such, Passive House presents a key opportunity for designers, decision makers and, indeed, the entire the construction sector – a fact that will be made clear at the Passive House Conference in Hanover. The 16th International Passive House Conference, to be held in Hanover, Germany, on 4 and 5 May 2012, will focus on these and other similar questions, offering an extensive programme of side events such as introductory courses, a forum for tradespeople and several excursions to Passive House buildings in the Hanover region. At the Passive House Exhibition taking place parallel to the Conference, over a hundred exhibitors will present their products and solutions for Passive House new builds and retrofits. Press Release (pdf)


Press Release in Danish (pdf)
Press Release in German (pdf)
Press Release in Norwegian (pdf)


Press Release: 28 March 2012

Passive House takes off in the British Isles

Wolfgang Feist visits the UK and learns about the latest Passive House developments

Darmstadt, 28 March 2012 – From 21 to 25 March 2012, Wolfgang Feist, founder and director of the Passive House Institute, visited the UK, meeting with representatives of iPHA’s British Affiliate, the Passivhaus Trust, and talking to local Passive House architects and property developers. Appointed as a juror for Isover’s 2012 Multi-Comfort House Students Contest, Wolfgang Feist travelled to the UK to participate in the jury meeting on 23 March and select the award winners. Press Release


Press Release: 27 March 2012

EnerPHit exterior insulation and finish system system:

New Passive House Institute certification for existing buildings

Darmstadt, 27 March 2012 – The Passive House Institute is introducing a new offer to assist with the planning of retrofits aiming for EnerPHit certificate, the Passive House Institute’s energy retrofit certification: manufacturers of insulation systems can now have their products certified as EnerPHit Insulation Systems for use in EnerPHit projects. Press Release


News: 09 March 2012

PHI visits iPHA Affiliate, New York Passive House

Senior research scientist Berthold Kaufmann talks Passive House with NY PH


9 March, 2012: Passive House Institute Senior research scientist Berthold Kaufmann finished his US tour in New York with iPHA Affiliate NY PH, an extremely active group of Passive House stakeholders. Here he held two back to back afternoon sessions focusing on Passive House in hot and humid climates and Passive House cooling concepts. The first session, for NY PH members only, saw over 50 participants while the second, which was a bit more general in nature, was open to the public and attracted over 80 Passive House stakeholders. Both presentations will soon be available to iPHA members in the Member Area.


News: 06 March 2012

PHI at the US Army Corps of Engineers High Performance Building Envelope Workshop

Senior research scientist Berthold Kaufmann talks Passive House with the US Army

6 to 8 March, 2012: the US Army Corps of Engineers in collaboration with the Passive House Institute (PHI) and Passive House Academy (PHA) held a High Performance Building Envelope Workshop in San Antonio, Texas (USA). Some 160 participants from the Army, Navy, AF, GSA and DOE, comprising architects, engineers, project managers and contractors attended. Topics relevant to new builds as well as deep energy retrofits were addressed by world class experts in building sciences, with special attention paid to the role of Passive House through multiple keynotes and seminars by the Passive House Institute’s Berthold Kaufmann, the Passive House Academy’s Tomás O’Leary. Dr. Wolfgang Feist, director of the Passive House Institute, also made a special video address, currently available in the iPHA Member Area.


Press Release: 1 March 2012

First thermal bridge free balcony detail certified

Thermal bridges resulting from protruding balconies are now a thing of the past

Darmstadt/Innsbruck, 1 March 2012 – As the first and until now only load bearing insulation element, several balcony connections in Schöck’s QXT series have met the thermal bridge free connection criterion. This means greater freedom of design during planning and optimisation of construction costs since it allows the balcony to be connected to the building facade in a self-supporting and thermal bridge free manner using only two supports instead of four. Press release


Press Release: 27 February 2012

Quality assurance in Passive House - Construction workers join the club

Wolfgang Feist officially handed over the first "Certified Passive House Tradesman" Certificate on 27 February in Traunstein, Germany.

Darmstadt/Traunstein, 27 February 2012 – From 23 to 25 January 2012, the Passive House Institute’s very first advanced training course for on-site construction workers or tradesmen took place in Traunstein, Germany. The Certified Passive House Tradesman certification provides an ideal qualification opportunity for construction professionals. Press release


News: 07 Feb 2012

PHIUS’ Certification of Vert Design’s Rideau Residences in Ottawa

Passive House Institute issues a statement

The Passive House Institute would like to put the ongoing discussion regarding it’s stance on the certification of Vert Design’s Rideau Residences in Ottawa to rest with the following statement. Read statement


Press Release: 2 February 2012

International Passive House Conference 2012: The Energy Revolution with Passive House

Passive House Conference programme published


Energy efficient construction and renovation is possible anywhere and for every type of building. The whole range of solutions made possible by the Passive House Standard is presented in the newly released Conference Programme of the 16th Passive House Conference, taking place on 4 and 5 May 2012 in Hanover, with a framework programme running from 2 to 6 May. Press release


News: 09 Jan 2012

New Passive House developments in the United States


In a great start to the New Year, iPHA is proud to announce its first affiliation with a regional Passive House Association in the US. NY Passive House (NYPH) officially became an iPHA Affiliate this January, offering Passive House stakeholders in the US an opportunity to join the Passive House movement both on a regional and on an international level.

Learn more about iPHA's Affiliation with NYPH as well as other recent Passive House developments in the United States.

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