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Press Release: 21 Dec 2011

16th International Passive House Conference 2012: Assessment of 234 submissions from 35 countries

Passive House Conference Scientific Advisory Board convenes in Darmstadt


With days of reading already behind them, the 19 members of the Scientific Conference
Advisory Board met at the Passive House Institute on 7 December in order to decide the
fate of hundreds of submissions. After 9 hours of discussion, one could see from their
faces that they were satisfied with the outcome. Was it exhausting? "The day had an
exciting atmosphere in anticipation of the Conference", said Harald Halfpaap, Director of
proKlima – Der enercity-Fonds. Press release



News: 25 October 2011

New Passive House regulation in Brussels


With its new Energy Performance and Indoor Environment in Buildings Regulation, the Brussels Capital Region has adopted the targets of the European EPBD Directive, calling for all buildings to be Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings by the end of 2020, 6 years ahead of time. Brussels' new regulation is based on the Passive House Standard, making it mandatory for all new builds as well as all retrofits as of January 2015.

Download a short presentation on the new regulation by Sebastian Moreno-Vacca from Plate-forme Maison Passive here [PDF 1.2 MB].

The official document detailing the new regulation can be found online: French version | Flemish version


Press Release: 19 October 2011

20 Years of Passive House: A success story

Experience the difference on 11 – 13 November


For 20 years now, Passive House has stood for comfort, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The International Passive House Association (iPHA), in coordination with its worldwide Affiliates, its members and the Passive House Institute invite the public to experience the benefits of Passive House for themselves: from 11 to 13 November, Passive House buildings across the globe will be opened for viewing to mark the 8th International Passive House Days and the two decade anniversary of the Passive House Standard. Press Release


Press Release: 14 October 2011

Deadline for submission of papers: 31 October

Driving innovation worldwide at the 2012 International Passive House Conference


The 2012 International Passive House Conference is expected to feature more innovative energy efficiency solutions than ever. Harmonising outstanding architecture and excellent energy performance, tackling climate zone related challenges, developing Passive House components and energy efficient appliances, introducing concepts for the market uptake of Passive House worldwide – these are among the many issues to be addressed at the

conference. The organisers of the 2012 International Passive House Conference invite all interested parties to submit their contributions to the Passive House Institute by 31 October. Press Release


24 August 2011

Passive House and the United States

Passive House is a powerful concept, especially for the US


Passive House can be a major contributor to economic wellbeing and environmental sustainability, especially for the US, to which the rest of the world looks and where there is so much to gain. This fact makes it all the more important that the concept be kept open to all who want to share in its development.


Read about options for Passive House Stakeholders in the US to get involved with the global Passive House movement here. (pdf)


News: 23 August 2011

Statement of reassurance

PHI encourages Passive House Stakeholders in the US to step back and take a breath

Passive House Institute (PHI) has chosen an approach to Passive House that fosters mutual trust, collaboration and synergies. PHI will continue to uphold these principles in its work. Wolfgang Feist provides further clarification on recent developments in the US while reassuring us that Passive House will remain as strong as ever.

Read Wolfgang Feist's statement here. (pdf)


Read the original open letter outlining PHI's stance on recent happenings here.


Read about options for Passive House Stakeholders in the US to get involved with the global Passive House movement here.


News: 17 August 2011

Passive House - a public good

New Directions in the Passive House Institute's relationship with PHIUS


For the past 15 years, the Passive House Institute (PHI) has extended its support to the multitude of organisations working to advance Passive House worldwide and has done its best to calm turbulent waters when difficulties arise. Unfortunately, recent actions by PHIUS, a US organisation founded by Katrin Klingenberg, have culminated both in breaches of contract and good faith, which have unnecessarily reinforced false divisions within the Passive House community. Despite these unpleasant developments, PHI would like to assure all Passive House stakeholders that it will not abandon the development of Passive House in the US or anywhere else in the world.


This open letter (pdf) outlines PHI's stance on recent happenings as well as what it believes will make for a positive way forward.


Read Wolfgang Feist's newest statement of reassurance, dated 23 Aug 2011, here.


Read about options for Passive House Stakeholders in the US to get involved with the global Passive House movement here.


Press Release: 09 June 2011

Overwhelming success of Passive House worldwide

The 15th International Passive House Conference reflects the global trend towards energy-efficiency


The 15th International Passive House Conference can rightly be called the world’s largest
conference on energy-efficient construction. 1,200 conference participants from 50 countries gathered in Innsbruck, Austria, on 27 and 28 May, half of them coming from non-German-speaking countries. Press release


Press Release: 28 May 2011

15th International Passive House Conference: Experts convene in Innsbruck on 28 and 29 may 2011


More than 1,200 participants from more than 50 countries will meet to discuss sustainable
solutions at the world’s most important convention for Passive House and energy efficient construction in Innsbruck.
Eight plenary talks, 72 presentations, 30 poster presentations and a freely accessible
components exhibition will round off the event. Press release


News: 29 May 2011

New iPHA Affiliates


iPHA is happy to welcome, as of May 2011, the following organisations as iPHA Affiliates:



Our new Affiliates have agreed to uphold high standards in their work through a formal relationship with iPHA. The affiliation also means that all those who sign up as members of the mentioned organisations, will automatically become full iPHA members at no extra cost, with all associated advantages.


We are thrilled to welcome our new Affiliates to the iPHA team and are looking forward to working together in promoting energy efficiency in building through the Passive House concept!


To learn more about iPHA Affiliates click here.


Press release: 12 May 2011

The Passive House: Cost efficient and proven 32,000 times

More than 50 countries at the 15th International Passive House Conference


The Passive House saves 80-95% energy as well as CO2 emissions, and its construction is
hardly more expensive than that of conventional buildings. It is therefore not surprising that there are already 32,000 buildings in Europe that have been built to the Passive House Standard, which has already established itself as a trend-setter for energy-efficient
construction and also forms the basis for the “Nearly Zero Energy Building”. The world’s
largest convention for energy-efficient construction will be held in Innsbruck from 27th-28th
May 2011 where more than 1,200 participants will discuss solutions for sustainable

construction. Press release



News: 9 May 2011

Plaque presented to owners of 1st Hanse Haus Certified UK Passivhaus

On the 4th of May, 2011, Hanse Haus customers, Richard & Rachel Stent from West Quantoxhead in Somerset, were presented with their official Passivhaus certification as well as a decorative plaque displaying their new homes' Passivhaus status.

The presentation was carried out by Bruno Kleinheinz, Hanse Haus Sales Director for UK & Ireland and Giles Hirst of Hanse Haus UK.


'We're very proud to have built the first Hanse Haus Certified Passivhaus in the UK' Said Giles. 'and with an annual heating requirement of only 15kw/m2, I'm confident it will be the first of many!'  Read more


Press Release: 8 Mar 2011

Innsbruck conference programme released

80 preeminent speakers to present at the 15th International Passive House Conference


A trendsetter for energy efficient construction, the Passive House already forms the basis for the ambitious Nearly Zero Energy Building, the European construction standard as of 2020. At the world’s largest and most important conference for energy efficient construction to be held from 27 – 28 May 2011, 80 speakers from around the world will present sustainable building solutions to more than 1,000 participants. In its 15 year history, this will be the Conference’s fourth time in Austria and first in Innsbruck. In the world’s largest Passive House exhibition accompanying the Conference, visitors will also be offered free presentations by Passive House experts. Press release | Conference Programme Flyer


Press Release: 18 Feb 2011

Quality assurance for Passive Houses

Over 1,000 certified Passive House Designers thus far

Darmstadt, 11 February 2011 – the number of Certified Passive House Designers has exceeded 1,000. Introduced four years ago, the Passive House Designer certification, awarded by the Passive House Institute, has proven to be a much sought after success. Press release


Press Release: 27 Jan 2011


The online Passive House resource


Passipedia, the Passive House resource, constitutes a vast array of cutting edge, scientifically sound, Passive House relevant articles. Growing daily, it is the tool with which new Passive House findings from around the world are being presented, as well as where the highlights of almost 20 years of PHI research on Passive Houses are being posted, often for the first time
ever in English. Press release

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