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iPHA and the Passive House Institute are currently involved in the following dissemination projects, co-funded by the European Union's Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes. 




Deep retrofits made faster, cheaper and more reliable


The outPHit projects aims to develop a one-stop-shop for renovation and Energiesprong with Passive House principles. It will demonstrate the successful implementation of
highly efficient deep retrofit principles in real retrofit projects across Europe and contribute to the European energy efficiency goals by setting best practices for the refurbishment of the building stock.


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Affordable Zero Energy Buildings





AZEB aims to acehive significant construction and lifecycle cost reductions of new Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) through integral process optimisation in all construction phases. Optimising construction processes to fully integrate available solutions in the areas of process, technology and contracting is seen as the largest potential in lifecycle cost reduction. THe project will create a common methodolgy for cost-effective NZEBs.


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Low carbon cities for better living




With 80% of European citizens living in urban areas, cities have a crucial role to play in the transition towards a low-carbon economy. SINFONIA is a Smart Cities project that aims to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities by combining the retrofitting of more than 100,000 m² of living surface, optimisation of the electricity grid, and solutions for district heating and cooling.


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Boosting construction practices through a new set of technologies


Meeting EU energy efficiency targets for both new builds and retrofits will be much easier to manage in the near future thanks to the development of new and innovative on-site quality assurance tools. In order to achieve this ambitious objective, the Built2Spec project will deliver a new set of breakthrough technological advances in self-inspection, 3D modelling, and management and quality assurance.


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The Building Knowledge Hubs of Europe




The “Train-to-NZEB” project aims to provide world-class training on energy efficiency and RES in buildings, based on new training programmes, business plans and up-to-date training equipment for a set of training and consultation centers around Europe.


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South East Europe strategic partnership in vocational education and training in Passive House Design for NZEB development


The “SEEDpass” project aims to provide regionally adapted educational materials on Passive House design for professionals in the building sector.


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Retrofitting for the energy revolution, one step at a time



With the EnerPHit Standard as the goal and Passive House principles as the basis, EuroPHit applies knowledge on deep energy retrofits to the oft-overlooked yet critical area of step-by-step refurbishments.


EuroPHit aims to significantly increase the quality and energy efficiency of perhaps the most common type of refurbishment: retrofits conducted gradually, over a period of years.


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Supporting the growth of Passive House regions towards an EU energy revolution



PassREg aims to trigger the successful implementation of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) throughout the EU, using Passive House supplied as much as possible by renewable energies as the foundation.


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