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The International Passive House Association (iPHA) is a global network uniting both Passive House experts and enthusiasts alike. Together with its 22 Affiliate Organisations, iPHA works to promote the Passive House standard and foster a greater public understanding of its benefits and achievability. The network makes a wealth of information available and facilitates active exchange among professionals, policymakers and the public.


In 2021, the iPHA Network will be running the "Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy #EfficiencyFirst" campaign. Over the course of the year, iPHA, together with its affiliate organisations will be running a series of activities and events to promote the significance of an efficiency first approach.


Make your building work for you and live better using less energy in a comfortable, healthy, sustainable and future-oriented Passive House.



Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy #EfficiencyFirst Pamphlets



Download the iPHA #EfficiencyFirst Pamphlet


Meeting our goals for climate protection


Detailing the benefits of Passive House, why we should think #EfficiencyFirst when tackling building projects and the ways in which the Passive House standard provides a pathway to meeting our climate goals, the pamphlet is available in multiple languages including: Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, German, Hungarian and Italian. There are also local versions of the pamphlet available for:

The UK and USA (nationwide, California and New York), New Zealand and Austria.


Find your regional pamphlet on your local affiliate organisation's website and in the list below:



Stichting PassiefBouwen




Australian Passive House Association


New York Passive House


North American Passive House Network


Passive House California


Passive House Association of Ireland


Passive House Institute New Zealand


Passivhaus Trust



IG Passivhaus Deutschland


Passivhaus Austria



Hellenic Passive House Institute



Passive House Hungary






Associação Passivhaus Portugal



Passive House Association Romania




Instituto Passivhaus Chile


Plataforma Edificación Passivhaus




#ExplainPassiveHouse Competition



Have you seen the well-known visual example describing Passive House as a thermos
versus a conventional building as an actively heated coffee machine? It’s time for an


The winner of the #ExplainPassiveHouse competition is Andy M. from Australia, for his video comparing a watertight bowl to a colander. Congratulations Andy! Thank you to everyone who entered for your creativity and for thinking #EfficiencyFirst!


Winner of the #ExplainPassiveHouse Competition



#ExplainPassiveHouse Competition Honourable Mentions




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