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The Zero Energy and PassivHaus Institute for Research (ZEPHIR) is an independent organisation which aims to promote the Passivhaus standard in Italy and to develop low-cost Passivhaus suitable and energy efficient components. Its goal is to disseminate knowledge among all stakeholders, contractors, clients and public bodies in order to enhance awareness in an unbiased way. Since the beginning, ZEPHIR has been linked to and has actively supported local independent Passivhaus groups in Italy. ZEPHIR became an iPHA Affiliate organisation as of February 2012.


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You may also choose to join ZEPHIR - and thus iPHA - through one of the following regional Passive House Associations in Italy, thus becoming a member of the Passive House community at the regional, national and international level:



IG Passivhaus FVG (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

IG Passivhaus Veneto

IGP Lombardia

IG Piemonte   


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