Certified Passive House Building

Buildings meeting the strict Passive House certification criteria can be certified as Passive House buildings by any of the Passive House Institute accredited Building Certifiers operative worldwide. The Passive House Institute itself certifies selected buildings of particular research interest. Map of Certified Passive House buildings


EnerPHit Retrofits

Not all buildings can be refurbished to a Passive House Standard. The EnerPHit certification serves as a proof of the specific values achieved for buildings that have either been consistently refurbished using Passive House components or achieve a specific heating/cooling demand of 15kWh/m2yr.


Certified Passive House components

The Passive House Institute certifies building components suitable for use in the building of Passive Houses. While certified components are not the only components that can be used in Passive Houses, using certified components simplifies their planning. View the Component Database.


Building envelope Transparent components Ventilation systems


Component manufacturers interested in certifying their products should contact the Passive House Institute for more information.


Passive House Institute accredited Building Certifier

As of early 2020, there are 89 Passive House Institute accredited Building Certifiers operative worldwide; for more information on Building Certifiers and the certification process, see the iPHA Building Certifier section.


Certified Passive House Designer

The Certified Passive House Designer certificate shows potential customers that the holder has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to successfully plan and build Passive Houses. Click here for more information.


Certified Passive House Tradespeople

Anybody who has ever been part of a building project knows that a qualified construction team onsite is crucial to a project’s success. The Passive House Institute is currently working on a Certified Passive House Tradesperson programme to this end. Learn more here.

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