Passive House Plus

PUBLISHERS: Temple Media Ltd.

EDITOR: Jeff Colley


In addition to iPHA's Affiliates, iPHA partners with other, non-membership organisations that also share the goals of furthering the Passive House Standard.


In this light, iPHA is a proud official partner of Passive House Plus, an award-winning magazine focused on ultra low energy building and renovation. Published in separate editions for the UK and Ireland, Passive House Plus is filled with detailed technical information on buildings that meet the Passive House Standard, along with other attempts at low energy building. In addition to case studies on Irish and British projects, the magazine also features architecturally significant passive house and low energy projects from around the world.


Passive House Plus is a bimonthly, full colour magazine, published in print and digital form. The first issue was published as an Irish edition in October 2012. As of May 2014, iPHA members have been entitled to free digital subscriptions via registration here.


Issue 36 of Passive House Plus is out now:

This issue features an article about the importance of good ventilation in schools, and a section dedicated to the latest developments in the Passive House market.



Passive House Accelerator Magazine

EDITOR: Mary James


The Passive House Accelerator Magazine is a triannual magazine covering a variety of topics around Passive House technical developments, new builds, and retrofits. The magazine provides a concise overview of the Passive House scene, technological developments, and the growing Passive House market in North America. Moreover, it introduces exciting building projects and gives an in-depth look into the aspects that make these projects exemplary Passive House buildings.


The Passive House Accelerator Magazine is a publication of the Passive House Accelerator.


You can access the Passive House Accelerator Magazine here



The newest issue of the Passive House Accelerator Magazine is out now:

The newest issue, Passive Goes Prefab, covers the tremendous growth in recent years of the manufacturing of specialized prefabricated assemblies for Passive House buildings. The use of prefabricated elements can bring many benefits, from more predictable quality and cost to less waste to shorter construction times. Read all about which North American manufacturing companies are stepping up to meet the demand for these high-performance products.




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