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Wall Street Journal features Passive House developments in the U.S.

In an article from 24 November 2015 entitled Cornell Tech Project Tests ‘Passive’ Design in the U.S., the Wall Street Journal spreads the word on latest Passive House developments. Read the article


Interview with La Maison Passive's Etienne Vekemans

In the lead up to the 9th Passi'Bat Conference in Paris (25-26 November), the president of La Maison Passive shared his insights into Passive House and the movement in France. The full interview can be found here (in French).


Interview with PHI's Sarah Mekijan:

In this interview with the Green office building information portal, Sarah Mekjian, International communication manager at the Passive House Institute, talks about the International Passive House Association (iPHA) as well as explains the principles and criteria for Passive Houses. Read the interview here.


Passive House: The Standard and Technical Overview

CIAT, AT Magazine's March-April and May-June 2010 editions featured a lovely two part Passive House overview by iPHA Member Steff Bell of the Scottish Passive House Centre. Download Part 1 (PDF, 0.2; as published in CIAT, AT Magazine, March-April 2010 Edition)

Download Part 2 (PDF, 2.5MB; as published in CIAT, AT Magazine, May-June 2010 Edition)


Thermal independence: the Passive House

Passive House stands for energy efficiency, affordability and comfort. Read more about it Energie Sensibili's interview with Susanne Theumer, of the Passive House Institute. Read the article (in Italian)


sustain’ Magazine: Achieving Passivhaus in the UK: The Reality by Jonathan Hines

In its January/February 2012 edition, sustain' Magazine, one of the UK's leading environmental journals, featured an article by Jonathan Hines of Architype Ltd on achieving Passive House in the UK using two well-designed Passivhaus schools as examples. Download article (PDF, 6.4MB; as published in sustain' Magazine, Jan/Feb Edition, page 39-41)




Greek article on the Passive House Standard

The following article, published by Deutsche Welle in Greece, is based on an interview with Wolfgang Feist and iPHA member Stefanos Pallantzas, explaining the Passive House concept and presenting a Passive House in Penteli.  Read the article (in Greek)


New York Times features Passive House once again

In its Sunday, 6 December article entitled, ‘Zero-Energy’ Construction Crosses the Ocean, the New York Times once again spreads the word on the benefits of Passive House, the world's only international, performance based energy standard. Read the article


azero: Interview with Wolfgang Feist (in Italian)

The first edition of the Italian sustainable design magazine azero features an interview with Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute, in which he offers an overview of the Passive House Standard, its principles and its potential for the Mediterranean climate. Download the interview here [1.1 MB] or view the azero magazine online




Construct Ireland: Passive House International Selection

In its August - September 2011 edition, Construct Ireland featured a variety of outstanding Passive House designs around the globe, including some of the prize winning projects recognised in iPHA’s 2010 Passive House Award Exhibition.
Download article (PDF, 1.7MB; as published in Construct Ireland, Iss 8, Vol 5, page 22-23)




Interview with PHI's Susanne Theumer (in Spanish):

"La eficiencia energética genera un ahorro mayor que la inversión inicial"

In this interview with the Spanish Sogener company, Susanne Theumer, Passive House consultant and certifier at the Passive House Institute, talks about the Standard, explaining its principles and criteria, its potential for different climate zones and building refurbishments, and dealing with economic aspects. Read the interview here.

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