Membership conditions


Whether you would like an individual membership or one for your entire organisation, becoming an iPHA member is well worth your while! Memberships start at just €150 a year; a special 50% discount is available for students. For more details and to secure your membership, just fill out the online iPHA registration form on the right side of this page.


Membership access is granted only upon receipt of payment via pay pal. Member benefits are valid for registered members only (for registered companies, this includes any listed account users with access keys - see below).



iPHA Membership Fee Scale



€150 annually, includes full member benefits as well as Passipedia and Member Area access, comes with 1 access key.



For professional entities, includes full member benefits according to the number of access keys allotted as well as Passipedia and Member Area access.

Access keys Staff Annual Fee*
1 1-3 € 150.00
2 4-10 € 225.00
4 11-25 € 350.00
10 26-100 € 600.00
20 101-200 € 900.00
30 201-500 € 1250.00
40 501-1000 € 1500.00
50 1000+ € 2000.00


*A one time processing fee equal to 50% of the membership fee will be charged upon first time registration. This will then be replaced with a 5% handling fee upon timely annual membership renewal. All prices listed exclude 19% VAT, where applicable (all international non-profit entities, European entities without a valid VAT ID number and all German entities must be charged 19% VAT).


Student discount

Full time students sending in a copy of a valid student ID receive 50% off of the annual membership fee. Proof of student status must be sent to iPHA within 4 weeks via email, fax or post. iPHA retains the right to terminate access/membership should such proof not be submitted.


Membership renewal

Annual fees must be received by iPHA in full before a term's end to ensure continued access to iPHA benefits. iPHA memberships are automatically and annually renewed if not cancelled at least 4 weeks before the membership term's end.


Affiliations with other Passive House associations

Other unbiased, independent Passive House Associations wishing to get involved with iPHA are welcome to contact iPHA directly at for information on partnership opportunities. Alternatively, they may become members as an organisation by filling out the iPHA registration form.


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