2014 Passive House Days reviews

From 7 – 9 November 2014, over 600 Passive House buildings in 24 countries opened their doors to introduce the public to the future of energy-efficient housing. Several thousand visitors across the globe made their way to participating buildings and got first-hand experience from both architects and Passive House residents about the tangible benefits of the highly energy-efficient Passive House Standard.

iPHA would like to thank all Affiliates, partners and participants of the 11th International Passive House Days for sharing their time and knowledge to make this event such a tremendous success!


Here are assorted impressions of the 2014 Passive House Days from our partners.




Superpod® was excited to host an open house for the 2014 Passive House Days on Sunday 9 November. The Superpod® podhouse® is a Passive House building using an integrated steel system without membranes, timber studs or plaster. It was the first house in Australia to be registered on the International Passive House database and it also appears to be the first Passive House building in the world using integrated steel in this way.

The house was open for four hours with around 60 people visiting. These included architects, interior designers, representatives from parks & environment, builders and the local community. The interest level gathered from the open day was fantastic, with lots of positive feedback being received about the ambient temperatures inside, as well as the aesthetics of the house. It is hoped that the Passive House Standard takes off in Australia as the building benchmark in low energy use, comfort and climate change mitigation.



Under the auspices of iPHA's German Affiliate, IG Passivhaus, roughly 250 Passive House buildings all across the country attracted several thousand visitors and made the 2014 Passive House Days a huge success! Among the participating buildings in Germany, Hanover's zero:e Park, the city's first zero-emission district, proved to be a particularly attractive Passive House destination: Well over 500 people took the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the incredible living comfort provided by the Passive House Standard.


For the first time ever, manufacturers of Certified Passive House Components were invited to join the event so as to showcase their highly energy-efficient products to the public. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with one company alone welcoming over 800 visitors! All participating manufacturers were very satisfied with the unexpected turn-out and are already looking forward to take part in next year's event as well.

As part of the International Passive House Days and in conjunction with the annual "See the Light Conference", the Passive House Association of Ireland (PHAI) organised a tour to three Passive House buildings in the South Dublin area. 28 people registered for the Passive House tour. The participants, who represented a combination of architects and those planning to build their own Passive House buildings, provided feedback that the information they learned will be very helpful for the development of their future projects.

New Zealand

As part of the 2014 International Passive House Days, the Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ) and eHaus organised a seminar, lunch and a guided tour of a completed Passive House building in Greytown. The seminar was attended by 25 people from the general public and both design and construction professionals. Lunch proved to be a great networking opportunity for attendees. The tours provided by eHaus and the home owner were very well received. Approximately 40 people attended the open house.



In cooperation with Architravel and the Passive House Association of Hungary (PAOSZ), the Passive House Association of Romania (PHAR) has organised a bus trip to Budapest to visit the Passive House buildings in and near Budapest. 25 architecture students and 15 construction professionals took part in the event. In total, the tour comprised a visit of seven Passive House buildings and a showroom of a Passive House window manufacturer. It was the first time that PHAR had joined the event as an organiser.

The Casa Entreencinas Passive House opened their doors to the public, welcoming a total of 32 visitors over the course of two days. The attendees took part in several guided tours to learn more about the highly energy-efficient Passive House Standard. It was particularly encouraging to see people with a great variety of backgrounds taking an interest in the future of sustainable housing. The 2014 Passive House Days in Spain were very well received by the participants and turned out to be a very informative event for the local organisers as well.


During this year’s Passive House Days, the Onyx Solar team took part in a guided tour to a building retroffited to the EnerPHit Standard in Arcones, Segovia. The Plataforma de Edificación Passivhaus (PEP) organized the visit to this 19th century’s dwelling and presented highly energy efficient building components, such as the innovative heat recovery system, highly insulated window frames, the rock-wool insulated thermal envelope and the solar gain/protection systems for winter and summer, respectively.


United Kingdom

In the UK, many visitors took the opportunity to experience and learn the comforts of the Passivhaus Standard first-hand by visiting some of the 23 projects that opened for the 2014 Passivhaus Open Days. The range of projects included new build private houses, an office, a demonstration building and retrofits of private houses. Many projects reported that it was encouraging to see the majority of visitors had a higher level of Passivhaus knowledge & understanding in general, coupled with a greater genuine interest in the Standard. This was also marked by an increase of visits from potential self-builders keen to adopt the standard.

United States
Just like last year, the Everhard residence in Portland, Oregon, was among several Passive House buildings opening their doors to the public and showing what Passive House is all about. The 2014 Passive House Days turned out to be even more successful than last year, with the Everhards alone welcoming over 80 visitors. In total, six high-performance Passive House buildings in the Portland area welcomed well over a hundred attendees during this year's event.


Passive House Days events


Within the context of the Passive House Days, Passive House related events such as conferences, seminars, workshops and guided tours, were offered by iPHA's partners and members across the globe. Some of these events are listed in the table below.








Events and tours of participating Passive House buildings in Austria.

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Antwerp Borgerhout Brecht

The 'Passief in Antwerpen' tour on 8 November 2014 through three different types of energy efficient buildings.

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ADFC cycling tour "Aktiv ins Passivhaus". Meeting point was the central railway station in Darmstadt, applications via matthias.theumer[at]passiv.de. Guided tours through two Passive House buildings.

Passive House Database

ID #2651 and

ID #1049



InovaTech GmbH; Invitation to lectures and a guided tour on 8 November 2014 at 10am.

Passive House Database

ID #2896



Paul Wärmerückgewinnung GmbH; Guided tour through a Passive House office and product demonstrations of certified ventilation systems.

Passive House Database

ID #1514



Klimaschutzagentur proKlima; 2014 Passive House Days in the region of Hanover.

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(in German)



Augsburger Holzhaus; “How to construct a wooden Passive House building” – lectures on 8 November at 10am and 9 November at 14:30pm.

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Workshops on the Passive House concept, on high energy efficiency in buildings and on developing strategies to increase the number of NZEBs. Guided tour through two highly energy efficient buildings.

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On 7 and 8 November, Passive House buildings will open their doors in all of Latvia. On 8 November, a guided tour and informative discussion within the PassREg project was held by Krists Slokenbergs, a Certified Passive House Designer and owner of i2 Ltd, a company producing Passive House Components and recipient of the 2014 Passive House Component Award. The event took place at the Riga Industrial Park, which is a highly energy efficient office building in Latvia’s capital city of Riga.

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(in Latvian)


Asselscheuer and Burden

HP Linden, Alpha Beton GmbH; Demonstration of the certified PAMAflex construction system, demonstrated at two construction sites in Luxembourg.

Passive House Database

ID #4168 and

ID #4165



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